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老钱: 美国大选,选谁? (二) 关于平等 [复制链接]

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只看该作者 28楼  发表于: 2012-10-04
Here is something you may not know about last night debate: (http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2012/10/04/political-wisdom-a-big-night-for-romney/) P0O5CaR  
"The White House press corps discovered last night that it can be hard to distinguish one big, white van from another after they found themselves piling into Mr. Romney’s motorcade. “In an amusing moment, poolers were sitting in the Press One van outside the debate hall and the driver said ‘I think that Romney did real good,’” the AFP’s Stephen Collinson wrote in a pool report. “There was a moment of baffled silence,” he added, before the White House stenographer “put two and two together and said, ‘guys, we are in the Romney van… Blind panic then ensued as we piled out the van and sprinted towards the correct motorcade, which was parked right in front of Romney’s.”"
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只看该作者 27楼  发表于: 2012-10-04
引用第25楼老郭于2012-10-04 10:04发表的  :
昨晚太忙了,没听辩论。好几位朋友及网上都说O8没说好。没说好,不一定不能干好。 &jJj6 +P\  
Well, I don't think Obama is incapable to debate.  He is not that stupid.  Just it is very difficulte to defend a bad record.  You can say whatever on campaign trail. But in a debate, you have to respond to the other side and can't just make it up!
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只看该作者 26楼  发表于: 2012-10-04
Agree with 16楼和20楼。 Q)n6.% V/e  
Disagree with 18楼: Romny and Republic have their reasons by saying create many jobs. First of all,  they encourage and support small business in many ways to have them stay in business and developing. Therefore, Obama's policies have killed many small businesses by paying the taxes and many other things that the small businesses could hardly stand. Think about if you have a small business and you may work 15 hours a day and 7 days a week as many small business owners do, then, you have to support many people who do not want to pay much efforts on working, do you think it's fare? Small businesses have been supporting big job market in American econemy. Along with more and more small businesses close the doors by Obama's policies, do you think that the American economy will get any better? ^:Mal[IR  
Also, you will see Union one of the Obama's best supporting groups who will do something again that is totally impede the country's economy such as all of the East Coast Port  workers are going on strike. You could see, back to many years ago, when the West Coast workers on strike, the republic president Reagan fired everyone. Reagon's period was the best economic development in American. Later, president Bush forced everyone back to work when another strike went on. Now, you will see, how nicely Obama will treat these people just for himself. If all of the East Coast port workers would on strike for 6 weeks, could you image how many small business and even big business will be hurt badly? How the country's economy will be hurted badly?

只看该作者 25楼  发表于: 2012-10-04
引用第12楼游客于2012-10-04 07:57发表的 : +l,6}tV9  
这么多人“ I am with you 老郭”! Wxxnc#;lv  
你们听了昨晚的辩论了吗?结果看到了吗:67:25。 9j 6  
欧巴马整个表现就像是一个小学生,拘谨,结巴,信心不足。。。 @A-^~LoP.  
连我都看着,为他着急。 mAFVjSa2  
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只看该作者 24楼  发表于: 2012-10-04
回 22楼(匿名) 的帖子
Can you elaborate why do you think Romney would do better to resurrect the economy?  I watched the debate.  I heard mostly bluff from both candidates.  I am not happy with US economy, but I am not sold on Romney to fix that.   " *xQN "F  
9rX[z :  
BTW, I truly believe Romney doesn't give a dame to ordinary folks like me. }io9Hk>|  
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只看该作者 23楼  发表于: 2012-10-04
thinking about last night debate about the medicare: 7tP?([o%F  
Here is some facts about Medicare, according to this CNN article, "Analysts at the Urban Institute calculate that lifetime Medicare benefits will be worth over $500,000 for a mid-career couple today" (http://money.cnn.com/2012/10/02/pf/election-medicare.moneymag/index.html?iid=HP_Highlight).  Now assume a couple earns $200,000/year (that's very high for most people) and worked for 40 years.  at 2.9% Medicare tax rate,  that would be $232,000, Less than half of the expected payout.  For a low income family, the gap would be even bigger!  Anyone who has a financial sense would agree that this is unsustainable.  Can you just do it by cutting doctors and hospital payment?  No.  if you cut the payment in half, I am sure most doctors will not see any Medicare patient since the payment will be below their cost.  So the other way is to cut benefit which is not popular.  Obama is exploiting this without telling the truth about the future cost!
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只看该作者 22楼  发表于: 2012-10-04 , 编辑
O8 doesn't know the key issue of recovering this country. He can't get to the point when was questioned the issues in debate! What an inexperienced idiot we have who leads this country towards a wrong or nowhere direction for the critical 4 years! The country and the people won't be strong if the main idea is to promote poor and distribute wealth. When the country's economy is strong, welfare can be well taken care of. If I don't earn, I don't want to be taxed more and I don't want to give more. It is so dangerous to us and future generation aiming at stealing from the rich and middle working class. Instead we should  encourage people to produce more wealth and have the ability to help the needed. O8 has used up his 4 years to demonstrate his ability working accross the board he promised 'the change' for us in his campain.  I don't see myself changed any better no matter how hard I worked and how high the tax paid. Everyone is complaining no matter rich or not. If O8 is the head of a corp, he should already be fired for such poor performance! So no matter who you are and where you come from, as long as you lead us to a better life, we vote for you!
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只看该作者 21楼  发表于: 2012-10-04
引用第12楼游客于2012-10-04 07:57发表的  : |,&!Q$<un  
这么多人“ I am with you 老郭”! {UZli[W1  
你们听了昨晚的辩论了吗?结果看到了吗:67:25。 TJ5{Ee GV  
欧巴马整个表现就像是一个小学生,拘谨,结巴,信心不足。。。 k*c:%vC!  
连我都看着,为他着急。 @4B2O"z`  
电视辩论能否改变竞选结果是一个许多人在研究的问题。从历来的总统电视辩论来看,除了卡特t在1976年的电视辩论大翻盘外,所有的电视辩论都没有影响选举结果。看看1984年的辩论,里根可以说是一塌糊涂,但是还是能连任总统。 PvT8XSlTx!  
作为在Georgia的独立选举人,我从来不会认为我这一票能起作用,Romney必定赢得Georgia。究竟谁当选下任总统,这要看那10几个摇摆州的结果了。不过现在的民意调查,对Romney不利。挑战候选人在民意调查时必须大幅度领先竞选连任者,才能取胜。Romney还有很多工作要做,单单的电视辩论作用不会很大。 Ef`LBAfOO  
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只看该作者 20楼  发表于: 2012-10-04
我们需要的是机会平等(虽然这决不容易达成)的同时,也要尊重结果的不平等。如果有很多人在别人努力攀登的时候还心安理得地躺在安全网里坐享其成的话,那不光是结果的不平等, 连机会都不是平等的了,因为这些坐享其成的人挫伤了努力向前的人的勇气和信念,这个社会就只有一个向下的发展方向了。
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只看该作者 19楼  发表于: 2012-10-04
引用第17楼游客于2012-10-04 08:50发表的  :
这就是Dr.Liu等,168上支持欧巴马的一些华人同胞的逻辑。无限地引申对方的立场,然后,就是蛮不讲理的批判。这正是,文化革命大批判的思路。太可怜了。狼奶吃得太多了,一辈子都消化不良。 PGkCOmq   
[EE R4@_  
基本上不喜欢阁下这种“只要是不赞成Romney,就是社会主义、中共之类”的文革做法,狼奶?懒得和你说。 Gp8psH  
在外交政策上,Romney否定Obama的“巧实力”务实外交,要采用小布什同样的强硬单边外交。/ $C$ub&D ~"  
有分析称,Romney在外交方面言论“出格”,对外政策被指颇有小布什的单边主义色彩。他称要抵制“伊朗及‘圣战主义者’的影响力”,把伊朗比作“疯子”(听起来很熟悉吧),称美国很可能被该国“核弹”给“绑架”;欲极力强化与以色列的关系,称其为美国在中东“最密切”的盟友,指巴勒斯坦想要“消灭以色列”等。 a5)JkC  
”在叙利亚问题上,他表示“如果有必要阻止化学武器扩散,会支持向叙利亚派遣美国军队”。种种现象表明,Romney的军事战略透出浓烈的强硬色彩。 :WO{xg  
在刚刚结束了伊拉克战争,就要结束毫无结果的阿富汗战争时,我们是不是需要一个伊朗、叙利亚战争?这是需要思考的问题,而不是狼奶和羊奶和羊奶的辩证关系问题。 q=+ wI"[  
Romney还频频发表攻击俄罗斯的言论,声称“俄罗斯是美国的地缘政治对手”,批评Obama“对俄政策过于软弱”。同时,Romney还指责Obama的外交政策拉开了美国与英国、以色列等主要盟友关系。 a(f(R&-:$Y  
在亚洲,Romney明确指出应在太平洋地区保持强大军力,他说“我们应该帮助要求提高防御能力的合作伙伴。 V,vc_d?,_o  
Romey强调,上台后要强力打压中国,这是一种不顾后果、不懂全球经济、遭到多数经济学家和企业家反对的幼稚想法。 l/ QhD?)9  
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