林怡正: 给美国华人同胞的公开信 (英中对照)
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   An open letter to my Chinese American friends

Dear Friends,


As the 2016 Presidential election is just 2 weeks away, I am compelled to express my thoughts towards this critical time in our nation’s history.

Like many of you, I am a first generation immigrant who embraces freedom, liberty and opportunity. These are the attributes of what America is all about. Often times I’ve questioned, how is a nation that has accomplished such greatness and has been a beacon of hope for the free world, also one of the youngest countries on earth. Is that a coincidence? I doubt it.


A great nation like America wouldn't have achieved so much without a stable, time-tested political system that time and time again brings assurance and confidence to its people. Until recent years, I had great confidence in our system. What has changed? Being a construction professional, I understand how important "foundation" is to a building. If a foundation is compromised, all the structure and the contents in the structure are subject to destruction.


The same is true of the foundation of our nation that largely depends on its people upholding the most important document, the Constitution of the United States of America.  It was created to serve as a series of guiding principles for citizens and officials to conduct their public affairs. However, over the past few years, I’ve witnessed the deterioration of our principles in an alarming way.


Recently, I sensed the foundation that made our nation great has been undermined. The very fabric of our nation has been torn apart by the two extremely different ideologies. It has been further fueled by "Political Correctness", which has driven our people further apart rather than uniting us.


What are the telltale signs?  Social issues, such as same sex marriage and demand for transgender bathrooms may not pose immediate dangers to our society, but they are sure signs of "Moral Bankruptcy".  And while refugee settlements may sound good as a humanitarian effort, this imposed policy could force the continued transformation of America. One can argue that the United States is a nation of immigrants, but it's not hard to tell the difference between immigrants from the past who cherished and embraced American values and are grateful citizens vs recent refugees who came from "Known Terrorist Countries" looking to change the American's way of life and reject the idea of assimilation, while demanding rights under their own set of laws and values. To succumb to this ideology will jeopardize the very sovereignty of our nation.


I am a registered Republican and I believe in Republican core principles; limited government, individual liberty and low taxes while ensuring equal treatment for all people, respecting the sanctity of human life, protecting traditional marriage, safeguarding religious liberties, protecting freedom of speech, and supporting the right to keep and bear arms. While these may sound like political rhetoric, these are the values that I hold dear to my heart.  And I know many of you share this idea.


As a nation,we are at the cross roads.  This election may very well be the pivotal point of our country’s history. We cannot be silent anymore. We must take the stand, stand for righteousness, stand for upholding the Constitution and stand for a Great America.


Yes, we can Make America Great Again!


Jay Lin

A Chinese American Patriot who voted for Trump














以下是我所看见的警讯: 社会议题方面,类似同性婚姻合法化和对变性人厕所的要求,虽然没有对我们的社会造成直接的危险,但这些政策无疑已经显示社会道德破产的迹象。 难民的安置方面,虽然听起来出于人道主义的好意,但这强加于人的政策很可能迫使美国社会继续转型。虽然我们可以说,美国本来就是一个移民国家,但我们不难看到,如今的难民主体和美国的传统移民有本质的区别。传统的移民珍惜、并拥抱美国的价值观,他们怀着感恩的心成为这个国家公民,并安居乐业。而近期的难民大部分来自“已知的恐怖主义国家”。很多人带着改变美国社会生活方式的想法。他们不但拒绝同化,同时还寻求在新大陆继续推广他们自己原有的一套法律和价值观的权利。对这种意识形态的屈服,将危及我们国家的主权。












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